Test Stands Built For Durability and Longevity

The Details

With labor reducing automation and a high level of reliability, it’s no surprise that Ren is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of innovative, complex, microprocessor controlled industrial systems.  Our goal is to be your total resource by supplying advanced technical skills, superior equipment, and continued support anywhere in the world.  Many of our solutions include multifunction test stands that can be tailored for more flexibility in R&D or faster cycle times in production.

To the right are features that our clients enjoy and below is a portfolio of our work.

We build in extra precautions to protect the user.

  • All exposed electrical systems are 24 volt
  • All high voltage cabinets are safety interlocked
  • All high voltage wire run through rigid conduit

High Voltage Precautions

Special steps are taken to reduce noise using a mixture of sound deadening and reduced noise components.

  • Stands generally run under 80 decibels
  • No hearing protection is necessary to operate most of our test stands.

Enjoy easy work access with these innovative automatic hood designs. Keyboard and mice replacement is an issue of the past with touchscreen.

Change the language on the screen with the push of a button.

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