Gear Pump and Motor Test Stand

Capable of testing a wide range of gear pumps and motors with maximum displacement ranging from 07 to 45 cc/rev, this test stand will operate under a “one piece workflow” plan that requires short test times with rapid changeover between models. The test stand will operate in a cell with existing test stands, placing a premium on design features that make it easier for operators to switch from one test stand to another. REN has significant experience in meeting these demands. The important lesson from this experience is that simplicity, maximum component commonality and ease of maintenance are the critical design factors that support availability.

This design uses a vertical layout with a belt drive system that allows the test unit to be mounted shaft down, reducing the minimum height of the work area. This eliminates the need for an additional platform for the operator to stand on. The prime mover is a blower cooled induction motor with a Variable Frequency AC drive. During parts of the testing process, a regenerative drive system will be utilized.

Project Details


April, 2015


Gear and Fan Drive Manufacturer


Gear Pump & Motor

  • Tests gear pumps as pumps and motors as motors
  • Reduced footprint based on 2 story design
  • Belt drive allows test unit shaft down mounting while reducing operator work height
  • Fluid heating achieved by fluid pressure drop

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