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From research and development to production testing, we proudly serve all fluid power industries.

With ease of maintenance in mind, our test stands are built with as much commonality in the support systems as possible.  All of our stands are developed based on standardized designs that have been continuously improved upon since our first stand was completed in the 1980s. This standardization allows Ren to offer our customers fully-automated, state-of-the-art, custom machines at a competitive price. It’s within the test areas and how the machine is tooled that is customized to the specific components being tested and the customer’s unique requirements.

Ren’s obsessive attention to detail and superb workmanship by true craftsmen are fundamental characteristics found in all Ren Corporation products and equipment. Our testing equipment features proprietary software for all aspects of the testing process that monitor and control the stand, acquire data, and edit test conditions, acceptance limits and sequence of operations. Data management, reporting, and analysis software is also available.

Hydraulic Pump & Motor Test Stands

Size and power are no problem when it comes to Ren Corporations hydraulic pump or motor testing equipment. From large to small displacement, our stands reliably test piston, gear, and gerotor pumps without needing a significant amount of maintenance.

  • Hydrostatic Transmission Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Controlled Transaxel Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Controlled Transaxel Test Stand

Hydraulic & Hydrostatic Transmission Test Stands

Designed to take transmissions as they arrive from the assembly line, these test stands operate the transmissions through a break-in sequence and then check the functionality of all pumps, valves, solenoids, clutches, and gear sets.  A fully regenerative drive assists in speed changes during testing and in deceleration when tests are completed to reduce the total test time required.

Valve Test Stands

From testing multiple spool valves on one machine with only minor changes in adapters and mounting plates to testing sophisticated transmission control valves with test sequences of high precision and complexity, our stands are stable, reliable, and designed for high volume production testing.  Directional valve stands with production testing capability necessary for rapid throughput and testing valve accuracy for mobile applications can automatically be configured with the press of a button.

  • Transmission Valve Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Main Control Valve Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Main Control Valve with Leakage and Performance Station
  • Hydraulic Valve Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Valve Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Test Stand
  • Hydraulic Hose Test Stand with Thermal Chamber
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor Test Stand

Hose / Hose Assembly Test Stands

Hydraulic hose and hose assembly test stands are designed for engineering and quality assurance testing in accordance with SAE J343, SAE J1405, and JIS K 6349. Hoses may be impulse tested or continuously flexed and impulse pressurized at up to 670 bar. Liquid nitrogen is used to cold test hoses to temperatures of -40C. A unique system of microprocessors provides control and data acquisition. REN test stands are designed to operate selectively on 380V. 50 Hz through 480V. 60 Hz to permit easy adaptation to manufacturing plants anywhere in the world.

Cylinder Test Stands

From custom stands that assemble and test cylinders of varying sizes for large mining trucks to pioneering the use of cylinders with precision linear displacement transducers and microprocessor timing and computing capabilities for leakage measurement systems, Ren’s test stands have been confirmed as the most accurate and reliable method available for production testing of hydraulic components.

  • Hydraulic Leakage Cylinder

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