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Universal (General Purpose) Test Stand

The general purpose test stand shown here provides high pressure and high flow to test a variety of components. The main hydraulic supply features two pumps which can be used individually or together. Necessary circuitry allows testing of open loop variable displacement pumps and closed loop transmission pumps. The pump drive system is regenerative, and is used as the loading device for motor testing.

For valve or cylinder testing, a leakage measurement system is built in to accurately measure leakage flows from 0.1 cc/min. to 1000 cc/min. Valves which may be tested include directional control, relief valves and flow control valves. The electrical power supply, instrumentation and controls in the stand are suitable for operating and testing solenoid actuated valves. The system includes a proof/burst test system capable of 700 bar operation.

Tooling provided includes REN CORPORATION's exclusive universal pump mount which is designed to provide very rapid changeover from one size to another. It will hold all SAE B through E standard sizes and can be adjusted to nearly any special size in that range. The three load circuits are completely independent.

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