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Powershift Transmission Test Stand

This test stand was designed to take transmissions as they arrive from the assembly line, operate them through a break-in sequence and then check functionality of all pumps, valves, solenoids, clutches and gear sets. Transmissions arrive at the test station on assembly dollies seen to the front of the stand in the picture above. They are automatically raised and clamped, and the stand's drive train is engaged. The operator attaches the hydraulic lines and electrical cables, closes the shielding doors and the cycle begins.

A fully regenerative drive assists in speed changes during testing and in deceleration when tests are completed to reduce the total test time required.

A VGA graphics display at the controller provides an opportunity to display setup information for the operator. With a multitude of connections and a mix of products to test, a displayed photograph or drawing can speed test setup and reduce errors. Test sequences and setup information are keyed to a product number, and test records for each unit are recorded with the operator's identification code. A barcode reader may be installed to eliminate keyboard input.

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