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Leakage Measurement Systems

The measurement of very low leakage is one of the most difficult tasks to perform in fluid power component testing. The allowable leak rate is very low compared to the normal flow through the same ports. Many of the techniques in use are difficult or impossible to automate and therefore not compatible with automatic testing methods.

REN Corporation pioneered the use of cylinders with precision linear displacement transducers and microprocessor timing and computing capabilities. Over 10 years of development and field experience has confirmed that the REN 5400 series leakage measurement system is the most accurate and reliable method available for production testing of hydraulic components.

The 5400 Series LMS from REN Corporation is a highly accurate system to measure hydraulic leakage. The primary purpose is to measure small leakage rates, from less than one cc to around 100 cc/minute. The LMS is rated to measure leakages up to 2000 cc/minute with reduced accuracy. The minimum practical detectable leakage amount is .2 cc/min. Specifications


The LMS uses a monochrome display to communicate the leakage results to the operator. Five operating ranges are provided from 50cc/min max. to 2000cc/min max. The LMS 5400 Series can also receive commands and send leakage data via an RS-232 serial port. This capability provides a means for remote command and data collection from the leakage system. This allows connection easily into existing testing, Quality Control and SPC systems.

All LMS 5400 models are supplied with operator controls and display in an industrial enclosure, and may be equipped with either a single leakage test cylinder or dual cylinders. The dual cylinder systems provide two independent leakage cylinders which may be used to measure two leakage sources simultaneously or completely independently. The leakage range of each cylinder can be set independently.

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