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Dual Pump Test Stand

This test stand features two independent 125 HP drives with a maximum speed of 3000 RPM. Three independent load circuits on each station are rated for 50 GPM and up to 5000 PSIG. Adjustable fixturing with hydraulic clamps provides rapid changeover of SAE sizes A through D, two and four bolt styles. A 33 MHz 486SLC microprocessor provides control and data acquisition. REN test stands are designed to operate selectably on 380V. 50 Hz through 480V. 60 Hz to permit easy adaptation to manufacturing plants anywhere in the world. This unit, which is unusual in having two operator consoles, was designed to allow two operators to work simultaneously if required. Transparent retractable shields which enclose the test area are retracted in the photograph above.

Test in progress. A safety interlock prevents testing until shield is in place. Access to three sides of the test area and quick disconnects along with retracting hood and shield promote fast unit changes for increased production with no compromise in operator safety.

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